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The Eaghams Weekly: Short Story No.25: Timothy


By The Eaghams

The realism with which she calmly talked about her life, despite it’s fullness, the spirit of her attitude and outlook that made it depressing to listen to her. It wasn’t that she didn’t have an interesting life, it was how she’d managed to make it monotonous that was questionable. He was fortunate so far as he was always had active ideas he could connect up – it was her inner emptiness that made him think he was being excessive but it was just enthusiasm, nor was it some vanity or falsity. To oneself or others or foolish whimsy, but just less subdued by the familiarity of her routine. The bar was busy, Rupert and Greg had already gone off to chat at a nearby table, (they always paired off together, anyway) whenever they hung out with anyone, to leave Timothy to it.

She thought he was an intellectual, who enjoyed his own company, who didn’t care for alcohol and had made his mind his best friend. She kept herself to herself, whereas he had always anticipated more from life in his exploration and experimenting on his own. Maybe adulthood had taken her sense of expectation and optimism from the separations, the desolation, and the sense of the workplace, that kept her there and didn’t allow her imagination to flourish, beyond what she used to know having a good time at college, she was busy these days.

Maybe he had read an out-of-the-way book, she could borrow, she was eager to learn more, she wanted to try something new, he had left with his books, and she resumed her work duty, Rupert and Greg joined him, to leave the place together. He wrote in his journal, of the new town he wrote, with all it’s characters. He was a habit he had picked up from his father, who was a Professor of English at Manchester University, who used to be a Glastonbury going hippy in his hey day. Timothy was from the same town as the Boy from Bath.

She didn’t want to think, just to have a good time. the less she could think, the better, she hated to be on her own. She was a person who required a kind of man who could chase her through the house, who would surprise her with animated gestures and carouse in drunken merriment shouting over dance music where the bass boomed.He was an easy going man, not the liveliest of the pack, a man who sit amongst others, watch others and take notes. He was suited to someone who made more of what he had thought, someone who was impressed by the intellect, and by cultural knowledge, and worldly turns of phrase,verbose with wit and sarcasm.

He was easily influenced by negative moods and would make much of a vibe of a place – so that it was hard to say anything to him that didn’t feel buoyant to him, he was a literate middle class guy who could not face reality and talked endlessly like at a tea party, all the time, and ran at the sight of anything personable and affecting, or left him to consider a given thing by himself,an expression of mediocrity that wouldn’t harm anyone was the only way you could get through to him, which was precisely not to get through to him and who he was, actually was.

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