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The Eaghams Weekly: Short Story No.23 Mr Jameson

Mr Jameson

By The Eaghams

Note from the author: Two friends,  Mr Lawrence was born and raised and originally from Forest gate, Mr Jameson from West Hampsted, hang out in Central London. The themes of class, career, and manners are explored in this short story.

To continue reading the interconnected short stories simply click on the characters hypertext in the body of the blogpost. Agnieska. Enjoy!

Mr Jameson was sparring with his best friend Mr Lawrence, and as it happened, they were out at an independent cafe drinking great coffee. It was near their workplace in the City, where they worked as paid interns. They were friendly with the waitress there, who introduced herself as Agnieska. There was a statue holding a balancing scale entitled ‘Science’.

Greg passed by the window, carrying a newspaper in hand. He peered in briefly to wave hello, before resuming his morning walk to the papershop on Saturdays. Both Mr Jameson and Mr Lawrence wore casual blazers seen in Esquire magazine, designer label jeans, and boots. Mr Lawrence would say things to him that would make sense in the years to come, he had known him for hers to come,  he had known him for hers and it was such. There was a gap in their ages, Mr Lawrence, aged 25, Mr Jameson, aged 20. Their pay brackets correlated with their age and experience Mr Lawrence earned per year, and Mr Jameson. Mr Jameson was on 20 grand, and Mr Lawrence 25 grand.

Whenever they met up Mr Jameson would come away with some new ideas making his mind his own, he would reiterate what Mr Lawrence had said as if he hadn’t acknowledged what Mr Lawrence related in the previous week’s chat over coffee. Mr Lawrence was obliged to nod approvingly, ‘yes…I see what you mean…’ He had added the words ‘know what I mean?’  to his words: Mr Jameson was not the same class as Mr Lawrence, or else, his turn of phrase was a touch more elegant. He related to his friend in his fairly acceptable manner, and the two mainly got on.

Occasionally, Mr Jameson would be slightly sly but Mr Lawrence looked at him knowingly and let it pass. However, one day, Mr Jameson crossed the line, and Mr Lawrence asserted in his usual brutally direct ways which once in a while.

Mr Jameson when he was young used to not assert himself, and smile more often than not. Running over what was said. He even ascribed anger deferring over to others, blacks, whoever, anyone but himself. Now he learned when to let it go and hen to speak his mind. He was brutally honest only occasionally. He had learned to accept that he was not the perfect nice guy, just like anybody, the perfect manners required honesty, self control and poise in measure.

They were professional, that is they were calm and benevolent and they were enterprising. They ran through the crowds, at a speed, bolted through the doors. They were in business, precise with people, so they all know where they stood, their objectives so clear, so defined. They had strategy and ingenuity. They had philosophy. They had wit and they had a strong though intimate circle of good friends. Who they corresponded with everything comes together, birds of a feather flock together, they were Londoners, where they were born and raised since the good old days, looking back and rounding up in the conversations, all they used to know.

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