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The Londoners Short Story No.22: Little John by The Eaghams

Little John
Blogpost written by The Eaghams 

Little John is a classic story about a memorable character making great use of the motif travel imagery that runs throughout his work. There are some wonderful poetic and lyrical turns of phrase in this one.

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Little John, younger brother of Timothy, was in a relationship with a women in her thirties, he was age twenty eighteen. She hadn't disclosed the exact figure, her age, although he got to know all about her when they were spending time together. Little John wasn't as athletic as the other boys and was a sensitive intellectual. They talked about romantic trips to Venice and the yearning Qawalli music of the Middle East. She was animated he was imaginative using witty asides as part of his speech - that was their conversational styles, in fact.

He thought she was his prize. He was at an age where eating chicken shawarmas at the upmarket Moroccan restaurant and other grilled foods were more important to him than any other delicacies. He was earnest, untainted by disappointment, he always showed up on time. So when she went AWOL on his ass, there was no time to spell it out to him, the reasons why, on a scheduled date for the Saturday, he was at a loss as to how to respond. Her phone he left wailing messages, that were absurd in their melodramatic tone, that he used up all her recording space for messages, it should be noted. He decided he liked her slick antics and vowed never to be innocent again. He was on the phone to his friend Greg, he had the phone on his shoulder gazing out his window at the traffic lights. 

Source: www.mercedes-benz.co.uk

He took a girl for a ride with his cerebral games, she drove a Mercedez Benz. She let him drive it sometimes around the city, sometimes at night when there was an open and free road, or in the early hours. One day he took the car for a spin, turning the car round, a 180...as they call it and sped off to make a new life in the city. His new friend awaited him, he was single, shrewd, and he was not looking to settle for anything, haste drove him. Caroline ate at the restaurant, a steaming dish, fine and proper, was brought out by the waiter, and her company? Her own. She was moving up in her new job, a new world, that Little John could only wantonly be in envy of. Little John had a terrible temper that shook up their relationship, so she looked the other way, they were not seeing eye to eye, such was the state of things. He was chewing the fat of a bitter ambition, to be a lucrative young buck, a big shot, making an untold fortune, he was already at the executive level in a New York company, he was in Big Business, when he was with Caroline, a native New Yorker who was a bit crass.  
What John really wanted was to be like Caroline: He never imagined someone who was so kind, could suddenly change their tune. Before, it seemed like she was the only dude she would treat nicely, because he seemed trustworthy, and he saw her other side only play out with all the other men, never with him before. It was the combination of tact and severity that overthrew him and created a jealous admiration of her personal power and her wealth she didn't disclose to him.

He didn't drive home his manly sense of desire, he only vainly coaxed her coquettishly. It wasn't good enough for her. However, he decided he needed his authority back to even the urban landscape of his life by repeating in kind the behaviour that was so slickly done onto him. To know power, was to misuse it. Perhaps, in the long run, he would be a better man for it. After he betrayed someone, finding the right moment all of a sudden in the easy relationship, as an excuse -- he accepted that no one was perfect but by then he was never caught with his guard down, a smooth talker. He seemed more accepting of who Caroline was, and now had a more realistic view of himself. They had gone their separate ways. 

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