The Eaghams Weekly: Short Story No.18: Lionel


By the Eaghams

Note from the author: This story explores being lionhearted over being a luvvie or a ‘Looky-Lou’. Opulent Lionel, who wants to become more, growing up in an upperclass household, with a life that reflects his true strengths, and true abilities.

There was a character called Lionel who was deeply desirous of the good life in so much it was as good as tradition, his family were very rich indeed. The responsibility eluded him, he had no idea how hard he was trying and how monotonous his imbalanced behaviour were, he was restless.

A few lighter items of interest, would take his mind off his workload. He fought tooth and nail, but he was driven more for the accolade the lions luxury, he set aside his feelings, only the goal existed in his mind. He toughed it out and when he succeeded and the interviewer asked him, he downplayed his accomplishments, he worked so hard for, similarly he made more of his goals than his peers and made less a big deal of them as braggarts did, all at once, he was able to be living it large and with the right attitude. There were more words that he came across, documents, paperwork, literature, and websites, more jargon, yet he spoke on things plainly and succinctly, a man of few words…blazing a lion’s trail, he was strong-willed.

Cutting to the chase, where he got caught up in the red tape. He fiercely focused on his objectives with energy and gusto. His brears in the manor, could simplify things intelligently to their essential, facts and figures, which he had a fine appreciation for.

He complained a little, did alot, but had little time to ponder the whys and wherefores beyond simply strategy oriented mindset. Magnanimous Lionel made his narrow focus on practical projects which required detail work brought it to life.

Before they were presented to the wider public. He made room for others because he didn’t live in his mind. Others looked and admired others, he admired and looked at others and affirmed himself, he was just aware of more elements in a given circumstance and attended fastidiously to all of them. He was a mixture of the perfect approach with a realistic, though not overly self-critical, scathing approach. He was a man of letters.

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