Short Story No.15: Ali and Some Books

Ali and Some Books

By The Eaghams 

Note from the author: This short story relates the university experiences of Ali, a British-Asian student from London, and explores student life, it is a lyrical and humorous piece every student can relate to, regardless of ethnic background.Don't forget to rate us up if you liked the piece. The Eaghams 

Ali was an English Literature student at the University of Hertfordshire, the halls of the campus his living quarters where he lounged, a lion.
 The campus was mainly full of white middle class girls. He was used to the curries cooked at home, so when he started cooking for himself , he mainly jacket potatoes with tuna and mayonnaise or pasta with bolognese sauce. His neighbours could reel off his shopping list. He copied the old fashioned ways of his dad, sticking to the same things. Although he was happy to eat pork, he didn't know about it enough to buy it as part of the weekly shopping as if it was a habit unestablished. His palette was refined in Asian cuisine no doubt, but he had not cooked Italian, English cuisine before.

The girls got ready to go out to the club, there were two girls who were competing over their dresses which was the more revealing. One of the girls was cheating on her man at the club, their man back in their hometown, who Ali had met and exchanged hellos with cooly as men do.

The student union bar the group went out as a group there. There were the usual unserious songs that Ali unseriously enjoyed.
 Ali was from London, and was intense, he had mood and flair, he had an edge, something that was quite lacking in his middle class friends from Surburbia. The girls ordered Smirnoff Ice's. The music was blaring when they were not.


Ali ordered a Kronenberg, that was his choice of pint. Ali was called a 'two pint wonder'. His voice was low from the drink. He didn't shout loudly as easily as his more experienced friends. He was an Asian, gentle, and more introverted and more tenderness was expressed. He was shy and retiring, and left after the first hour or two, whilst the others really went the distance, the whole length. They danced to a song that was like a helicopter, it whisked them off into a reverie and dream of a dance. Sometimes after getting drunk they'd stop at the burger van where burgers tasted all more delicious. Jerry arrived on site on the weekends. This was the English night out he knew. Ali's middle class friend's parents came to visit him. They had brought him various snacks, and were put in his wardrobe. Ali didn't have as many visits and what they brought with them was the usual curry in tupperware.

Some books were sweet, others bitter, some sour, he had read a few names.

1. Mustapha
2. Actor Dude
3. Boy from Bath
4. David
5. Imitiaz
6. Agnieska
7. The Workplace
8. Jack and Joseph
9. On Motivation
10. Angela
11. The Deep Sea Diver
12 After The War
13. Nigel, Samantha and Luke
14 James Changzhu
15. Ali and Some Books
16. Joe Bloggs
17. Naveed and Rupesh
18. Lionel
19. Abdul
20. Ajaz
21. Mr Jameson
22. Little John
23. Adventures of Zhi Xin
24. Dave and 'Jim'
25. Timothy

© Zubyre Parvez 2017 All Rights Reserved

WRITER BIO: Zubyre Parvez (BA hons) studied English Literature at Hertfordshire University. He writes song lyrics, poetry, short stories, reviews, and articles for The Eaghams Blog. His poetry won runners up in a competition judged by Simon Armitage and Margaret Atwood. His poetry has been published in Kobita. His articles have appeared in The Epoch Times as a journalist for the newspaper. He has worked for New Tang Dynasty Television as a journalist. You can catch up with his tweets @TheEaghams

ARTIST BIO:The Eaghams aka Zubyre Parvez is an Urban Indie singer songwriter from London. His song The Roots was played on BBC 1Xtra by DJ Excalibuh. He has collaborated with artists such as Mr Hectic and Jason Air formerly of Island records. He has played at The Garage, and various open mics around London.

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