1. Putting The Words Together
2. The Opening Line
3. Napolean
4. Ghengis Khan
5. My View On Burning Bridges
6. V, Book of The Seagull
7. Recollections
8. Sign Of The Times: Naval Document
9. Fashion Threads
10. The Sydney Opera House
11. Railway Timetable
12. Subjective
13. Renaissance Man
14. Back On Track
15. Of All That We’ve Made Light
16. Waiter
17. Thirties
18. The Money Laundering
19. Accentuations
20. Spitalfields
21. The Agra
22. Man
23. Intrigue
24. Back In The Day
25. The Wheatsheaf
26. This Time (Two Views)
27. Pilgrims Progress
28. On Reading Harvest of Hailstones
Ravages Wine Country In The Times


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