Dafa Practitioners

Dear Practitioner, I am an emerging artist from London! I wrote a song about Falun Gong, I hope you can send this info to your email group or spread the word, that would be so great. The song can be found at the following link, and is free to download:


Kind regards

Zubyre Parvez



1. Montgomery, USA: Mark Cnudde, ddzhangcnudde@yahoo.com

2. Jacksonville, USA: Ien, Ien@masonandco

3. Little Rock, USA: Miss Fengjuan, Fengjuan@comcast.net

4. Los Angeles County, USA, Cerritos FIZYPOP@aol.com

5. Denver, USA: info@falun-co.org

6. Santa Barbara County, USA: sb_site2004@yahoo.com

7. Florida, Kent, kent@falundafa-florida.org

8. Florida, Fort Lauderdale, USA: jada.derry@gmail.com

9. Florida, Gainesville, USA: Wade wade@falundafa-florida.org

10. Florida, Jacksonville, Yibo, yibo@falundafa-florida.org

11. Florida, Melbourne, Gary, gpansey@netzero.net

12. Florida, Miami Beach, Kerrie, kujayhawks44@gmail.com

13. Florida, Naples, Gina, gfinnegan9@yahoo.com

14. Florida, Orlando, Downtown,Mark, mark@falundafa-florida.org

15. Florida, Orlando East, Robin, robin@falundafa-florida.org

16. Florida, Ormond Beach, Roz, roslynne@falundafa.org

17. Florida, Panama, Adam, adam@gotothebeach.net

18. Florida, Tallahasse, Louise, lian_xi@lycos.com

19. Florida, Tampa, Jeff, jeffyeh90@yahoo.com

20. Florida, West Palm Beach, James, jianhu@epochtimes.com

21. Florida, Winter Haven, Chris quietmind@quietspring.com

22. Florida, Boise, Mike, falundafaBoise@gmail.com

23. Chicago, William billchicago@gmail.com

24. Indiana, Anderson, Ying Hua, Yinghua74@comcast.net

25. Indiana, Carmel, zcui@indy.rr.com


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