1. On Seeing Saint George and The Dragon by Jacopo Tintoretto (1518-1594)
2. On Seeing Almehs Playing Chess in a Cafe
3. On Seeing Jeune Femme En Tenue De Soiree Assise Pres Dun Bonquet Shortensias
4. On Seeing Pet Canary
5. L’annunciazione Di Federico Barocci
6. Saint -Roch and The Angel by Guy Francois (1610)
7. Idle Hours by Thomas Benjamin Kennington
8. The Annunciation (1672) by Luca Giordano
9. Attack On A Group of Travellers y Phillips Wouwerman
10. Baking Bread by Helen Allingham
11. The Campfire by Albert Bierstadt
12. The Sewing School by Constant Mayer
13. Donna Venusta by Hans Von Aachen (1580-1585)
14. Cardsharps and Fortune Teller by Nicholas Regnier (1620-1622)
15. Lady At The Mirror by Paulus Moreelse (1632)
16. Annunciation by Lippi
17. Young Man Drinking A Glass of Wine by Biljert
18. The Prophet Elias and The Widow Sarepta by Bernado Strozzi
19. Madonna and The Rabbit by Titian (1630)
20. Saint Veronica by The Veil Mattias Preti
21. Allegory of Charity by Jacques Blanchard (1636-1637)
22. Early Morning in The Wilderness of Shur, Egypt, by Frederick Goodall
23. Painting by Franz Skarbina
24. Portrait of Hendrikje Stoffels
25. The Finding of Moses by Ofazio Gentileschi
26. Saint George and The Dragon by Jacopo Tintoretto
27. Charity by Anthony Van Dyck
28. The Dream by Saint Helena by Veronese
29. Happy Union by Veronese


We will consider all poems or paintings that incorporate poems as long
as you own the rights. Please review blog entries to see the format and
content we like. Then email your work with a short bio to


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