Short Story No.14: James Changzhu

James Changzhu

Blogpost written by The Eaghams

This short story explores making new beginnings, relationships, and the themes of freedom, travel and philosophy that runs throughout the authors work. In addition there's an interesting parallel drawn between the art of writing, visualisation and the imagination and life and living.  

James Changzhu owed John Singleton £1000 to repair his car at the garage the car was fitted with new doors. He had let new people into hisnew life, let others go. No longer knocking their doors. As he looked around his house he thought about their past. 
  They moved around from London to Los Angeles stayed in so many places closing doors, opening doors of their cars. He arrived at James doorstep and rang the bell. James had his money in an envelope with his name underlined on it. 
  James had let go of his ex, she was just all numbers (phone calls) and letters (written notes) they grew apart and took two different paths. She belonged to someone else. It was unusual what he once saw as desirable meant less to him compared to before. He knew the relationship made no sense. 
  He could see what he wanted out of life. Sincerity meant a real life. There were people in his past who tried to navigate him in all sorts of positions. Dreams and bon voyage to them.
It was a slow dawn it took time for the clouds to clear to reveal the sky. He learned to make his path right, no longer criticising others with an arms length attitude in an armchair, but taking action in the manner that coolly suited him. What he was able to bring forth was gradually coming to light, the curtain opening. It's what he stood to gain, that emerged. He no longer lived in the perspective of others and made further room for himself and saw things in a new light, he bought a new set of designer clothes he freshly conceived of, leaving behind the person he used to be. No matter who thought they were wearing the trousers in the relationship. He took new photographs and lived by new images. 
  The catalogue of the present offered more in the way of the present. He built his life brick by brick out of words from his favourite books he kept from his uni days,(he had read English at Hertfordshire university with James Changzhu, back in the day). They were his keepsakes, through visualisation, he was a writer. It was easy to look outwardly to criticise once again and do nothing novel and brood but he decided he would set things right for himself. He didn't want to linger in apathy in mediocrity, because it he getting things started.
  How many times have people built, from new foundations, how many times did he abandon a project for it to be built this way and that. If it was to be honed, if there was more in the way of acquisitions, relationships,developments and real accomplishments.He didn't want a relationship with the landlady, who was grounded, composed - I should note - he didn't make much of it. He was at a stage in life where the stage could be his, to play a leading role in something, he thought, if he took the time to learn.   
  What he made of things used to be more important than what he'd do with them, philosophy meant building right from the right place, and it took time to find one's place in life. To ply the carpentry of his trade.
  Every time he went his own way he realised there was a bigger picture a vaster horizon ahead, it became more and more the thing he wouldsettle for. The things that bothered him about others he could simply free himself of, and it was too bothersome to mind once one had moved on, it didn't mean what it used to, they were smaller and more distant after a time, although he could zoom in on them if he wished, that left him with a greater sense of being in the present. 
  Progress including getting past the limitations of people's views to getting past the let downs and all the things they said that he was, that he never was, and was just a reflection of their own confusion, no longer left on him, to see self in some way for what people are, that's all James Changzhu needed to do, and give it some.In the picturesque boutique hotel lobby where he was reflective and refreshed by the changes he had made. Encore! The paintings of the Renaissance in the National Gallery were as dear to him as home truths, their usual wit and honesty.  

Source: Wikipedia

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