Short Story No.13: Samantha, Luke and Nigel

Samantha, Luke and Nigel

Blogpost by The Eaghams

There are some satirical observations recorded from a time when the author was staying in Oxford.The brothers Luke and Nigel relate to each other in a unique way, and the short story explores their lives respectively and it's a short story whereby Asian introverted aspects ofculture contrast with the Western extroversion typified by Samantha, Luke's wife.  

Samantha was not at home for she worked during the day in a highly paid senior sales management role. She didn't cook so they ate out instead ordering takeaways on their mobile phones. She was perpetually on the go. What a character she was! They ate at different times. There was a great kitchen area that was decorated beautifully, Luke thought she would bake cakes and have perused their home library to look up some fine recipes, at least. Luke's brother Nigel thought the marriage felt below expectations. He thought a wife should be in the kitchen to prepare evening meals. He wondered how Samantha had made his brother so separate and isolated from the family, so selfish. He moved to an area where there were cafes with signboards saying 'warm home cooked' food, Nigel thought that this was because in some occasions the area was cold, and felt sorry for the Oxbridge type uppity locals who over thought it, thinking they needed a good spicy curry from East London. They needed to be treated like children who required their care and attention by people who were older and more mature and genuinely equitable. Luke no longer visited his brother and his sisters. 

Nigel believed Samantha kept him away from his family, because she wasn't in contact with her own, her family were a lot less affectionate than his. Luke thought nothing of it, didn't know any different which was why he didn't appreciate whether he saw them or not particularly. He didn't realise other people family's were not as open and honest as his. Anyway, it didn't matter because Nigel always tried to oblige him to attend family gatherings because he was too lonesome himself, but Luke and Samantha were very busy, nonetheless, sometimes. It seemed Luke made a lot of compromises.

His previous relationship was run strictly as the man of the house. Luke had become lenient and Samantha flaunted all the rules, whenever she could. Nigel was upset by this. Samantha had to be nice to Norman because she loved Luke. Nigel talked to Samantha all in polite smiles and glee. He was an introverted man who shyly smirked from an excess of time on his own and thinking to himself without being aware of his surroundings, a kind of indulgent introspection. Nigel and Luke were Asian bros, and Luke's white race wife was uncompromising.

It wasn't that Luke's wife had taken him away from the family, but had given him freedom and respite from their meddlesome ways, which benefited him enormously. He loved to stay away and they were considering buying a property on the market in the South of France. Luke wanted to spend more time with his friends in his holiday home, he wanted to learn some of the customs of the French, he wanted to be multicultural and a true individual, he was a Londoner, at heart. 


Yet with so much trading online, on his laptop, he naturally became interested in cultures outside of his own. What was behind him what what was before him and what was ahead of him only he could vouch for. The architect moved him on all that he used to know.
Nigel came into the room with set of opinions he had read in the paper and he felt sure of himself, now he knew what he knew and he could impose his opinion on others it was his stick or sword it was his shield and armour, when out in the world away from his ivory tower. When buying from the door to door salesman he brought he put the kettle on, he thought he would fix them two cups of Asian masala tea, another type of Indian tea.

There were quotes, literature classics in poster form, he hardly let the salesman drum up any further interest in his extensive range of products for his car. There was a stack of boxes and drawers labelled to perfection, he had written off people speaking to them on many occasions, living by fine words but less by verbs! Experiences are instructive as maps, you pour over and go about learning, just what exactly it's all about. After the conversation and he finished what he had to say, he decided he would get back to him the next day with the answer, something quite uncharacteristic of him.

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