Short Story No.11: The Deep Sea Diver

The Deep Sea Diver

There was a man who lived by the sea, and considered committing suicide by drowning himself. Thankfully, he decided on becoming a deep sea diver, instead looking at the coral reef, and bounty of the colours in the sea-life. Reinvigorating his will to live. He had learned a modicum of peace and tranquillity from all his prior turbulence.

It held great wonderment for his soul, the colours and the variety of nature. He saw people who had jumped to their fate, bound in rope deep in the sea.

He found ruins from a previous civilisation. He had them brought up and recreated the palace that was unearthed using the original materials, including the grooves and the joints in the architecture. He then lived in it, and was an ardent follower of Buddhist scripture of some 2,500 years hence.


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