Short Story No.7: The Workplace by The Eaghams

The Workplace 

by The Eaghams

This short story is a delight. A fantastic depiction of a workplace and the dynamics of working relationships. It tells the story of Jake the new employee at Tim's company, who turns around the environment with his flair for wise, discreet and subtle supervision methods.  

Part One

Tim had received a call from a young Chinese British born called Jake regarding a job placement for a busy administration office he had recently placed in the National newspaper, he received the call just as he was locking the door of the passenger seat. It was for the Supervisor position . He took off his sunglasses to take the call. They negotiated the terms and conditions of the interview scheduled for 9.30am on Monday, it was agreed.

Tim took an instant liking to Jake as they shook hands, he was asked to be seated. Time turned round to his computor and turned back to him. His resume was sent, scanned and complete with signature - what was expected. The resume, traveled out of the printer behind him, and Tim asked him to pass one copy along to him.

Tim saw a number of personal qualities in the employee; he couldn't help thinking of how much Jake had resembled him when he was young. Tim was able to understand where Jake was coming from, they were on the same page. Time liked to think he understood even the most complex characters or so he believed.
The deal was done for his employment contract, the deal was in hand. He waved goodbye and closed the door behind him.
 He opened the door to the office, the newly appointed Supervisor, it was Monday morning. His staff was quietly working on their laptops, it was to early for anyone to make too much of a sound, everyone worked attentively, the silence and calm focus pervaded the office, before things were to get busy!

The staff went off in breaks before their work was completed and they suddenly got very noisy even though it was only an hour into work. They resorted back to their usual ways, they were only pretending to work attentively, although some work was being done.

Jake was a kind of supervisor who would quietly facilitate . Before long, his rowdy extroverted entourage took liberties, taking off time in the staff canteen leaving an assortment of papers on his desk and drawers. At first, he was good about it all, and he put them back on their desks and completed some of the query letters - it seemed that some were overdue, balancing it with his own current workload was fine, he was just getting started in the company, and he had only a few bits and pieces to do.

The amount of time off increased, and Jake had to step in. He spoke to Time in his office, recounting all the work he was doing in their behalf as his workload was picking up. He had taken Jim off into a room to let him know to no avail.
The team, again unavailable - found the Chinese introversion of Jake was something they were visibly prejudiced against.
 Whilst they tried to appeal to Tim's sentiments and their familiar relationship with him. Time gestured with his hands I want no part in this, through the window, and ignored the staff. He said he was too busy too talk.

Around hometime, he recounted the situations leading up to the events of that week. He dismissed them as they left his office and took their bags in confusion, and a loss of a group identity together. Their lack of discipline was hardly Confucian.

Tim thought Jake's behavior was sound, that his silence was his strength, his tact was all part of his poise.

 Part Two

Greg, Debbie, Thomas were interviewed by Jake and put forward for the team roles. Their credentials were perfect. Criteria that was varied and well thought out, intuitive, an experience of hanging out in the city and meeting folks in elegant bars, he got to meet folks from all walks of life. He was a good judge of character after a time.
He prepared Debbie's workspace, he understood he needed to express herself to her supervisor and seniors in the work place, so he placed her desk in close proximity to his. He made the work area and hues of every tiny, that decorated her area, it was a dream. The seat was a leather swivel chair, there were multicolored cushions. There was a locker for her suits.

She was loud and expressive , he was going to work with her, so that she had less to do, and attend personally. He joked on and on with Debbie when Friday came around.

Greg could do a great job with ideas. Greg needed a lot of space to dream and drift after ticking off objectives emailed to him everyday be directive of Jake, his eyes would glaze over if there was too much activity in the past, as Jake understood, so he was assigned his work by the large window. He would come and see how he was doing, once a day but no more. Greg was very creative. He was assigned with the more plump assignments that required imagination, big picture thinking. His view of the Thames and it's ships were ideal, he gazed out of the window often expressly for this. Greg was a poet, an architect, a dreamer, a builder, a doer. Jake would leave him unawares, Greg would naturally knock at his office, he was anxious to get everything done, whereupon Jake would smile at the conscientiousness he displayed: he always remembered to contact him ahead of time of any work to be completed on a given day, a thorough consideration that made him responsible that was so much a part of the type of person Greg was.

Thomas could be allotted work, but his moods were changeable, he Jake would cast a glance his direction every once in a while, he was in more obvious viewing distance, to see how he was doing. He called his friends on his mobile during work hours, but Jake didn't intervene. He liked to work on his own, and liked to see what his friends were up to several times during the course of an average week. Jake knew that he had to keep Thomas, he was way too good. He could be built up to be a greatly skilled employee. Jake had to ask his assistance on his own work, openly discussing it with him, until he could see where he was going wrong: Thomas could work out a great many logistics and he should take on more than he currently does.

© Zubyre Parvez 2017 All Rights Reserved

The EaghamsWRITER BIO: Zubyre Parvez (BA hons) studied English Literature at Hertfordshire University. He writes song lyrics, poetry, short stories, reviews, and articles for The Eaghams Blog. His poetry won runners up in a competition judged by Simon Armitage and Margaret Atwood. His poetry has been published in Kobita. His articles have appeared in The Epoch Times as a journalist for the newspaper. He has worked for New Tang Dynasty Television as a journalist. You can catch up with his tweets @TheEaghams

ARTIST BIO:The Eaghams aka Zubyre Parvez is an Urban Indie singer songwriter from London. His song The Roots was played on BBC 1Xtra by DJ Excalibuh. He has collaborated with artists such as Mr Hectic and Jason Air formerly of Island records. He has played at The Garage, and various open mics.

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