Britasia: Rohita, Mushtaq and Harshan


Bangladeshi university student from Dhaka. Classics. Well bred. She read Tagore, Gora. Englishness. Tea Gardens. Arranged Marriage. Rikshas. Painted Mandalas and lanterns.


Mushtaq grown up in Forest gate, sat with his nephew.

Aunt Maybel

Card Scams

Playstation. Jacking. Clubs. Provincial. Long tings practical. No nonsense. Al Pacino. God is money creativity for money. Community service. Tagging. Smoking. Trainers. Starts with nephews friend after sizing up.

Tabloids. Drinks. East End.



Keeps to ways from the past, watches football. Mediocrity. Pride and Prejudice. Virgin Zone.

How much of the past should we retain. What does it mean to be British Asian. Restriction and freedom. Obligation and getting what you want. Standard of living, exploration. Airers. Mentality, bargains and business. Weddings.



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