Rolls Royce

There’s this guy who sells Rolls Royces in a showroom he wears a tie and suit and lots of people come just to see the cars and the interior. He had clocked alot of miles in his journey of life, if you were to walk in his shoes that stepped on the accelerators, his motivation was to progress: milestones . He was in his job after many shifts of gear:w key paino salesman, where customers rummaged along the keys. Other times he was working in a 10 storey building  in a hectic office. We were all gathered like we were in showrooms, when you were at a Cafe by the window seat, where everyone drove through their agendas: We were all on the road: a broad and an endless road for a Rolls Royce, big wheels and smooth drive.

The interior was leather: his suede jackat hung on hanger in the passenger seat. He had his suit tailored to the centimenter.

There was a photo dangling on the drivers mirror.

The manelpiece of the drivers interior had a built in sound system that is technical and hard to describe with words. The music spoke for itself. The music was varied and painted scenes in his imagination. His windscreen framed great vistas of the English landscape.

The tailor made suits for women. He ran a boutique. He made is a brand to assist women become more successful. The suits are immaculate. He went to bars talking to people and he would also offer his tailoring service.


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