The Designer

A girl who went out into nature to get into design was inspired by the fractal geometries seen on taking Ayahuasca, she wore a key around her neck, entering those worlds. Flowers and plants in the Amazon gave her abundant inspiration, and the Fibannaci ratio she had earnestly studied, which was found in Sunflowers, Seashells, and other things. She hand draws the flowers collects them in her knapsack.

She once worked in a zoo feeding the tigers. she sought out strong people in life, one who had been bars, another played in them honing on his fretboard and all that elaboarate work he meticuoulsly attended to.

She went to the forest where charcoal was made, to write of ancestral things, a chacoal sketch of the past. The wool from folds of Sheep in Warkwickshire, and other farms across the fields of England. The cotton fields in the sunnier climes.




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