The Darts Player

The darts player loses his poise as he was once an architect hanging out in the bar, he overdrinks. His particular drinks are Dubonet (1846) France; Cincano (1757) Italy, Bells (1825) Scotland, as his mind wandered out. He over overdrinks and loses his focus as he staggers around drunk in a kind of dance.

The dartboard world, he loses his sense of longitude, lattitude, on a flight as his brow clouds with a thunder – he had taken drugs to add to the mix, and he explored his dream-visions which eventually led him into meditative inner journeys where he learned about himself and other worlds other than this one.

His grandfather worked in NASA as a aeronautical physicist in 1969. He had a spacesuit, he used to wear as a kid, when he put his bedcovers on top of himself to fly out as a rocket his heart dreamed and flew.


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