The Art Gallery Director

The art gallery director is divorced and cannot see his daughter, so he collects paintings. He becomes caught up in the story of the painters interior lives who is similarly divorced and cannot see his daughter in the 1800s. He collects all of his works in place of being able to see his daughter, he has a frame of her on his polished mahogany wood desk. The paintings give her personal story a related connection as the past comes alive for him, as he realises it’s not only he who felt this sense of parting and longing of her daughter now grown up. He has read the Story of Art by EM Gombrich and read the Carribean poet Derek Walcotts works on the European painter Tiepolo.

He travels to Europe, America, to the great museums to collect great works.

On the train where the advert panels where he imagined the pictures were photos of his past with inscriptions and ancedotes of his life, the hall of fame of his prized moments.

One day he receives a letter from his daughter who tells him of her new life, she had obtained his address from her mother, who only let her know later after past grievances.




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