The Air Hostess

The air hostess is looking for love and used to be down, she missed the feeling of being in love, and she catered to the passengers of the dawn, with trays of breakfasts and coffees, donuts, scones, pies and fairy cakes.

It broadens her horizons to work as an air hostess. Her heels ascended into the air. She wanted to  feel on top of the world, like a million dollars whether she was catering to the passengers in first or second class.

As she flew over Mexico, she contemplated the people there. How the men enticed by the blondes on the TV, sought work in America, the land of dreams. There they fled to cheat their wives and turn a buck.

She carried her hand luggage at the airport, she travelled light and was carefree in her lively cheer. She believed that a person, like Anais Nin, represented a world, an opportunity.

There was a businessman. On flight were businessmen, executives and tycoons, artists and poets, and mystic traveller who had been to India to find themselves.

She was brought up in London, part Irish, part English, part Italian.







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